Museums and Galleries

Museums and Galleries constantly face the challenge of enhancing the visitor experience and renewing exhibits, all whilst keeping costs down and recycling as much equipment as possible. Working with video and audio media offers an exciting opportunity, but in the museum environment A/V systems need to be low cost, long lasting, highly reliable and flexible enough to jump seamlessly from one exhibit to another. To meet the demand, What we can provide for Museums and Galleries is..

Video Playback

DigiTouch players store video internally and can be programmed for playback at different times of day or different days of the week. They can be quickly updated either locally (using a USB stick) or across local networks or the internet.


Interactive Exhibits

DigiTouch Presenter or Computer can be used as exhibits controller or mini PC in any of the interactive exhibits with lower cost and mini size.


Interactive Gaming Kiosk

DigiTouch Kiosk can be used as an interactive game kiosk for museum to equip with different games and themes.



Increase comment received with Visitors

DigiTouch can be connected to a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter and invite visitors to comment on the exhibitions. This can work as a virtual guestbook and encourages visitors to pay attention to certain exhibits, building a sense of community.


More interactive exhibits

Exhibits using DigiTouch can be more fun and interactive. Visitors can touch on the monitor display or interact with mobile devices with the exhibits.


Cost saving

As the video playback features allow video to be played back at different times, human resources cost can be reduced.