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DigiTouch can be best fitted into hotel suites, lobbies, conference rooms, outside function rooms and in corridors. It contains multi media entertainment system and also interactive kiosk which is most important for hotels. What we can provide for hospitality is..

Meeting Package

Want to add value to your hotel inbusiness or ball rooms? Equip a set of DIgiTouch Pocket TV Box can allowvisitors to have an interactive presentationwith the audience. They will have noreason for not choosing your venue for presentation or meeting!


Room & Suite Entertainment

With the Android OS in our device, there are unlimited TV apps, music apps and games on the Play Store. It also contains a video player to let you enjoy your media files. You can have this entertainment system in your hotel suite



Using DigiTouch Kiosk for edirectory is food for flexible content management and contains interactive multi touch. It is smaller in size when compared with normal directory which is lower in cost.


Electronics Menu

DigiTouch Pad can be used as self-menu for asking for services. Customers can simply touch the items they would like and then it can reduce a lot of human resources cost


Digital Signage

Digital signage is a kind of content delivery on display including distribution and communications. DigiTouch allows digital signage to create, manage, and play out dynamic digital signage on any display device including LCD, Plasma, large LED displays and projectors up to full HD resolution.



Saving Cost

Human Resources can be reduced as content management or self order kiosk will be replaced for manual control.


Extent time of stay at hotel

DigiTouch supports many different kinds of apps such as MTR or shopping information. The more informative details it contains, the longer the guests stay in hotel


Increase quality of services

DigiTouch products containWiFi connectivity and provides internet services. Guests can feel free to browse on the web and play apps on TV.


Hotel image and theme

DigiTouch is marketed as a smart and advanced device for making your TV as a bigger screen tablet or low cost smart TV. Equipping with these can help to enhance hotel image.