Interactive learning and study is being emphasized by most of the government now. Using tablet or digital whiteboard is common and will become essential for content delivery. DigiTouch equipped with different functions like screen mirroring is very useful and unique for education. What we can provide for education is..

Cloud-Based Documentation

Share your document or file through cloud service so that it can immediately and easily read or amended by your students.


Digital Whiteboard

Going to spend high cost on a digital whiteboard on market with only limited functions? Time to drop off such thinking and pick up our DigiTouch. You can now make use of your existing TV to draw your flow chart, concept design, story board for ideas and even notes in points!


Interactive Presentation

Presentation will no longer be monotone with our DigiTouch. You can touch or edit on your presentation materials and even control by your mobile devices or our presenter. Students will feel more interesting and concentrated in class.


Learning Tablet

Teachers apart from traditional teaching on blackboard or using projector can now choose to use our DigiTouch Pad for courses and information delivery for the students. It is more easly to carry and cater for different students’ needs.


Interactive Learning Kiosk

DigiTouch Kiosk can be used as an interactive game kiosk for children to improve their different aspects of skills. It can be equipped with different kinds of games like drawing or spelling games


E-directory/Library Kiosk

Using DigiTouch Kiosk for e-directory is good for flexible content management and contains interactive multi touch. It is also smaller in size when compared with normal directory which is also lower in cost.



Interactive Teaching and Learning

Screen mirroring functions can allow what to be displayed on tablet display on TV. So teachers will not need to rely on the materials on computer and interaction can be made by apps and simultaneous response received from students


Unlimited resources

The resources on Google Play will be unlimited and catering for students or children. Many of them are free and very suitable for learning,


Save Cost

DigiTouch equips with all in one solutions can save the budget of any institution.