Upgrade Your TVs to a Smart TV

DigiTouch Box contains Wi-Fi connectivity
and runs in Android OS. You do not need to
pay high cost to replace your existing TVs to
any smart TVs but only equip our box !


Unlimited and Free Content

Paying monthly subscription fee for TVs
programs or movies?Just one off cost for
DigiTouch Box is already enough for
umlimited content like movie music and
games. you can download whatever you
like through play store.


Advanced Experience with DigiTouch

You can equip DigiTouch Box with other
DigiTouch product to enhance more
experience like touch on TVs by DigiTouch
Panel or screen share by DigiTouch Pad.
Only DigiTouch can provide you with those
unique features.


Multiple Applications

Looking for product with multiple
applications? DigiTouch Box can fit in
different application as you requires.
Entertaining meeting or presentation can
all be done.