Works with DigiTouch Box to make your TV as a tablet

Image your exisiting TV work like a smart
touch TV and even an android tablet? Try
to mount on our DigiTouch Panel to make
it happen. 


Draw on your TV as a digital whiteboard

Once your TV can be touched for control
connected with DigiTouch Box, you can
draw or even write on it to enjoy more


Not only DigiTouch Box but also your own PC

DigiTouch Panel also works with window
OS including XP, 7 and the updated
WIN8. So if you are thinking to purchase
any AIO you can save your cost by
adding our Panel onto your PC.


One piece hardware. Docking station? No need!

DigiTouch Kits is our lateat product which
includes our assembly type panel and
Pocket TV box. It is a one piece hardware of
which you can directly plug the box to the
panel. you do not need to worry how to
place this on your TV and docking ia no
longer required.