PC and projector is always essential for corporate for making presentation or meeting use. Cabling and setting up creates so much annoying and troubles to staff. DigiTouch catering for such needs carries different kinds of applications. What we can provide for corporate is...

Social Network and Conference

Want to have Conference Call with your business partners or team members? Using DigiTouch Pocket TV Box with additional camera allows you to skype and access to any social network. Imagine you can now conference call with a group on a big TV screen. Equipping with this function is no doubt beneficial to the corporation for business connection or collaboration.


Cloud-Based Documentation

Share your document or file through cloud service so that it can immediately and easily read or amended by your staff.


Interactive Presentation

Presentation will no longer be monotone with our DigiTouch. You can touch or edit on your presentation materials and even control by your mobile devices or our presenter.


Digital Whiteboard

Going to spend high cost on a digital whiteboard on market with only limited functions? Time to drop off such thinking and pick up our DigiTouch. You can now make use of your existing TV to draw your flow chart, concept design, story board for ideas and even notes in points!


Business Tablet

A business tablet is noewadays no doubt the best business tool no matter for your meeting or daily operation. It can be used for note making, presentation and even documentation


PC Replacement

With DigiTouch products, you can have a mini PC stored in Conference Room or Reception to showcase your welcoming message or product details to guests and visitors.



Save Cost

DigiTouch products are relatively lower cost than any PC , smart TV or Digital White Board with similar functions. Using DigiTouch as an all in one solutions of all these can no doubt save your cost.


Easy to Use

As Android is now a common OS and smart devices are all used by people, DigiTouch is easy to use for most of the people.


Add value and function to TV

TV in Conference Room is now equipped with so much more functions with DigiTouch. It is no longer only a display monitor but can be a digital whiteboard, calendar or smart TV.


Improve Corporate Image

Cabling and long set up time for meeting or presentation will no longer appear when installing DigiTouch at your office. Profession and corporate image will definitely be enhanced.