What consumers demand most is entertainment. The commonly use of smart devices provides this to users with unlimited resources. DigiTouch also make use of these. What we can provide for consumers is..

Entertainment System

With the Android OS in our device, there are unlimited TV apps, music apps and games on the Play Store. It also contains a video player to let you enjoy your media files. You can have this entertainment system in your hotel suite or even place this at your home!


Touch Console

Enjoy the touch console on TV. No more controllers or remote and experience the most direct game playing using touch on TV.


Screen Mirroring

You can enjoy screen mirroring everywhere with your tablets and our DigiTouch products. You can’t imagine how impressive will be when the items on your tablet display on a large screen TV!


Home Automation

Always think of a high cost for Home Automation? DigiTouch Pad removes this traditional thinking! Just a simply DigiTouch Pad allows you to enjoy home automation which can help to provide green environment and also you’re your cost.



Enhance Entertainment

Unlimited TV apps are available on TV using our DigiTouch. You can either play the latest movies, songs or games on TB and even browser the web on TV. Different kinds of joy can be obtained in DigiTouch!


Save Cost

Paid TV will no longer be needed as you will have more than enough movies or programs to watch on TV! It does save your monthly cost.


Interaction with Mobile Devices

Photos or songs are on your different mobiles devices and the resources are distributed in different tablets? DigiTouch obtain software like screen mirroring or airplay that can interact with your mobile devices and you do not have to worry about the file location.